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Anisa Kelso, Designer & Owner of Green Stitch

Anisa Kelso, Designer & Owner of Green Stitch

Fashion is my passion and fabrics are my happy obsession.

Traveling across the world, through Australia, Asia and Continental Europe mainly Italy further ignited my love for fabric and different designs. The different fabrics made of indigenous materials from these regions of the world are both awesome and challenging to work with. We create garments as well as hand dye to create unique fabrics to turn into fashion.  

Green Stitch advocates environmentally sustainable materials. We believe that natural and environmentally sustainable fabrics are equally, if not more, luxurious than any other, and every woman deserves to experience this luxury as well as help keep the environment green. We only use natural fabrics including cotton, linen, sustainable denims and silk. The pieces that we create from these materials are unique in every detail.

Fashion that take streetwear to the next level, cool Eco-Friendly design and, of course, in style. Walk down the street in GS style and you walk down the street, knowing this style is all your own.

Green up your Style with Green Stitch


My Process



Fabrics are transformed even before the designing process begins.


Piece dyed by hand with organic dyes

Piece dyed by hand with organic dyes

The vision of the pieces comes from the fabrics 


Hand dyed silk hemp piece

Hand dyed silk hemp piece

Then each pieces is different in its own way