Sustainable Fashion details

Who made your cloths

As a sustainable brand, it's the tags that is on the inside that makes the outside beautiful and unique. There are many elements that go into producing clothing, where the fabrics come from, the dying process, the natural resources used to make it like water, and the people who make the clothing. Sustainable fashion is caring about all of these pieces of the fashion puzzle and then making sure each step is done naturally and sustainably.

So when you look at a tag look into it ask question to see if the look and the ideals match the beautiful person you are showing off. Looking beautiful and showing off your assess which includes your ideals is the best way to show off your unique attitude and style.

What makes our sustainable top 3

  • Organic and natural fabrics made with sustainable care for the environment and its resources.

  • Dye process that does not waist water and other natural resources and chemicals to create color.

  • Most importantly the team that creates each piece is either designer done or done and manufactured in the USA and the staff is paid a fair wage and treated as the creative humans that they are.

Fashion thoughts from a sustainable designer ,