No it is not Hamma Time....


Sustainable journey .....

When I tell people with enthusiasm  that my brand is a sustainable  brand they still hear something in in their  heads that says shapeless and style less  of which Green Stitch is neither :).  When I told a very stylish lady that she asked me " So like,  what do you make Hammer pants..."   I was a little steamed at first but really she just didn't know.  

So here is what it is, when I was in school it was in a competition to create from the strangest of the strange. Clothing made from newspaper, foil and fabrics from no one new where just to stand out from the crowd,  I never wanted to participate in that.  After traveling to many countries like China, Australia, and Italy and seeing True cost in school I started to look at where my fabrics came from and I wanted to be more aware of the fabrics I chose for the garments I took such care in creating.  I wanted to create style that was both unique and well made from start to finish with conscious thought of transparency.  

Now I am sure that MC Hammer with his pants are very nice people :) but part of this conscious journey is one of sustainable women's fashion in edgy style.  I design to make a woman feel as if she is unique and always beautiful from one day to the next.  Women's fashion should be transparent and beautiful and that is why I design.  So that is why I am saying "No it is not Hamma Time. " 

Green up your Style