Green to blue is Green Sustainable Fashion... the details

­Green to blue is Green

When I discovered the art of Shibori it expanded my design bag of magical tools into not only creating fashion but also creating textile that are suited to a particular style of garment.

We are all very into #whomadeyourclothes these days and being able to trach from start to finish the process of creating the garments we add to our conscious wardrobes. Handing dying is the beginning of my transparent fashion journey and is more a meditative process then a fashion step.

Shibory style of coloring fabrics, folding and transforming allows the color to evolve naturally not forcing it with toxic chemicals. When I dye fabric every time it is different, and unique. Indigo dying is very different than any other dying as it turns from green to blue and the color’s depth is always changeable as the hues naturally go from green, to light then to dark deep blue.

Some dyers will create a look then dye the finished product. I do not find that part of my organic sustainable fashion journey. I due multiple colors until we find the perfect piece to create a certain look. In Green Stitch sustainable-fashion we keep all remaining textiles in hopes that they will inspire new garments and styles.

The fashion process is organic in itself, it is a process of thinking of a new dress, top, ect., and then blending that style into a new cohesive look. It seems natural to create fashion from natural fabrics and colors created with the best things in nature; sun plans and natural creative style.