Shades of Blue Look in Eco style


In Vegas when I am able to go out in great weather I love to feel the Sun.  Also as an Instagram clothing sustainable clothing hunter I love to get styles from other designers that are ecofriendly, blend with my style, and are of course on trend. For me the best way to find new style is to see what others are creating and how it fits in with the pieces in my closet. 

This look in blue that combines shades from the water to the sky, playing with textures, shapes and trends to blend this look.  

The first piece is a wraparound sleeveless top created here at Green Stitch.  This piece has multiple straps to allow me to wrap a different way every time I wear it.  The woven detail on the bottom creates texture and the hand dyed detail creates a marbled blue sky look.  Comfortable and sexy to start this look.

The pants are perfect for any day for me.  They are navy blue with straps on the sides so that you can flip them up and tie them or wear them baggy for the cool Urban look.   Pants called Adapant by Sustainable Fashion in the Au.  These are a must when for a little sun on the legs, or not.

These are my favorite blue velvet shoes.  A little peak of those newly pedicured toes and a clunky heel these shoes are great for anytime the Sun out or a Vegas night out.  These Millie boots on the, Lulu site, are all Vegan and perfect for  this look. 

Now I am not a big purse person, but I do love unique pieces and this sustainable blue cork bag is defiantly something that goes with anything.  The Jillian Vegan cork backpack has a side pocket for my phone so I can’t loose it and  just enough space to keep anything in.  The final piece are these great earrings made out of upcycled bike innertubes.  I can live in these they are black shapes as a raindrop by Urban Lace  a great detail for any outfit. 

In my minimalist wardrobe I love convertible pieces, the Adapants that convert to long and short, the top that can be worn with or without  a jacket, and a purse that can be worn multiple ways.  Oh and don’t forget the texture of these blue velvet shoes that a great for almost every West Coast Season.  This look is stylish streetwear in blue that is so green.