30 minute outfit tips: Denim Style
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Summer is coming to close its time to get yourself to school and get those kids in shape to learn.

So what about learning a style of denim that says something. Denim has always been the go to for put on and just go. Here are some creative ways to do sustainable denim and bring denim look some attitude that makes your 30 minutes of thinking about what to wear before running out to go do what we do.

30 minute outfit tips:

  • Wrap denim tops are great to wash and go with your favorite skirt and flats and go

  • Denim skirt with casual Friday that takes you to causal cocktails with your favorite girl friends.

  • Get your favorite t shirt and put on a short denim shirt on Saturday to show them how casual is done with a scarf around the waist and boots to celebrate the Fall.

  • Denim dress with a little flair just add scarves or a jacket to make it different from this week to the next.

Anything to keep denim to wash and wear does not have to be casual it can just be a unique statement of sustainable denim style making jeans an everyday look but making a unique look that just is a 30 minute flex of your fashion muscles.

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