Eco Fashion moves to center stage

Styles and trends go in and out, however, the way we dress and the materials used have a major impact on our environment as well. With the world resources vanishing so fast and the atmosphere thick with pollution, Eco Fashion week helps people realize the impact that simple choices can make. It was founded in 2010 as a nonprofit organization that aims to bring sustainable, eco-friendly fashion into the limelight. After the stunning success of the Eco fashion week last year, the show is back on track with another magnificent compilation of styles and mesmerizing attires in Vancouver.  Here we show you some of the most becoming trends from the show.

Update and recycle

The second-hand clothing and using old clothes to create something new is at its peak. Most of the designers have aimed at this trend and used hundreds of old clothes to craft something unique and mesmerizing. The 81-pound challenge, which is approximately the amount of clothes that people throw away each year, will be used by fashion students in an attempt to create an entirely new and fashionable collection. The aim is to promote as much recycling as possible and to motivate people about how valuable their used clothes can be.

Chic sheets

Another trend in the magnificent fashion week is to create artistic clothing from sheets and pillow cases. This takes fashion back to the very roots where you start from scratch. The clothes are matched, cut, designed and stitched to create alluring pieces which make a statement. It really is an interesting and innovative step for the betterment of the eco-system.


Most of the designers aim towards the vintage look as it is relatively easier to create. However, it does involve some preplanning and precise stitching technique in order to achieve a design that is runway worthy. The designers try to look for a piece that is from the older years and pair it up with new and exciting colors, designs and cuts to make an interesting fusion. Most of us adore that vintage dress in our closet and this liking is the primary base of a major part of the exhilarating fashion at Eco fashion week.


Many accessories in clothing are reusable. However, we often throw away the entire garment just because of split or rip. The thrift style challenge addresses this aspect and has brought suggestions about how to reuse these small but valuable assets like zippers, buttons, ribbons and more. The participants are given a 500$ allowance with which to buy reused material and get crafty with some old clothes at hand. It tested the creativity of designers and also allowed people to realize the value of used garments.

These trends have been the highlight of the Eco fashion week for years and are still going strong. The best thing about them is that they motivate you to be creative with the clothes that you wear out yourself. Sustainable fashion can be a bright prospective for the future and the Eco fashion week showcases this at its highest.