Diary of a fashion designer minimalist

I know it seems strange for someone into fashion to have a, let’s say small but mighty wardrobe.  I am very casual most days, I try not to hold onto clothing but to let it fly free for others to enjoy.  I am totally into clothing swaps most of the time I use them as a place to give my clothing to someone else to enjoy. 

There is a designer I used to watch on tv who never called it “clothing,” he always called the pieces that he selected for a client fashion. Clothes are like wearing sweats when you have the flu in bed under a thousand pounds of cover, they keep you warm and let’s be real, you really don’t care what you look like at that point! Fashion, however shows your mood, your confidence and the outward expression of who you want to show to the world that day. 

This is where I start my minimalism.  I don’t think that the money that you do or don’t should dictate your style, but resourcefulness of what you have and what you can get to express yourself. In my little closet, I have this coat that I love made with a bunch of fabric samples that I did not want, but of course I could not get rid of.  I have a pair of jeans I wear with it and tops it makes a great statement of my creativity and style.  I love it because it goes with everything but stands out like nothing else. 

When I shop I look for quality and also craftsmanship in fashion, where it comes from and who made it.  In my minimalist closet, I purchase things that last and are not just classic but classically me.  Sometimes I think that when you say minimalist you are like in that old commercial “same place, same thing” but that is just not me as a minimalist, it is buying quality, Fairtrade quality, making sure I have my stand out pieces that say Meeee all over them, and smiling at myself in the mirror knowing that I look like me in that look and no one else!

Diary of me as a minimalist