Shop Sustainable and in style

What is sustainable clothing?

In the past, environment-friendly clothing meant buying clothes from thrift stores or using second-hand clothes to ensure utilization of fabric and less litter. However, Sustainable clothing takes it a step further. It aims to develop fabric from eco-friendly sources. This includes crops that are easily reproducible and sustainable, recycling fabric, implementing biodegradable materials, and reusing accessories in the hope of promoting an eco-friendly industry.

Sustainable clothing is developed to uphold the three basic Rs of the environment, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Sustainable clothing works by embracing all these Rs. We aim to reduce production of new fabric and reduce the waste production, reuse the fabric that is already introduced into the market and recycle the pieces that are not usable. This helps us to create a self-sustainable industry that feeds itself, is modern and is eco-friendly at the same time.

What are the alternatives?

You may be surprised to hear how many alternatives there are for a standard fabric. Cotton, one of the most commonly used fabrics, known for its luxury and durability is a very unsustainable crop. The effort, money, pesticides and land area invested in producing fabrics is alarming. This has pushed us towards materials that we can use as alternatives. Some of the most appealing raw materials that can be used in place of cotton to produce a comparable fabric include, soy, which is a byproduct of manufacturing soybeans, is extremely usable and is biodegradable, having limited impact on the environment, hemp, requiring little water and effort to grow, bamboo and even plastics. Yes, many international companies have made an effort to introduce plastics as a new, reusable wear that can become a fashion statement.