Our Collection

Before creating a collection, I like to clear my mind and find inspiration that will instantly spark an idea to create.  I see the world and am so inspired by its natural state.  As a California native, I greatly admire the sea grass of the ocean and am inspired by the Pacific Ocean’s strong blue color and intense nature.  As a Las Vegas resident, I look at Red Rock Mountains and fall in love with the woven pattern hues of tangerine orange that cover them.  I adventure through the desert and am inspired by the beautiful purple flowers growing from the ground.  All of these things are so natural and draw such sectors of influence for me that I’ve poured them into designing and creating my new line, Leaves & Sand.


Inspired by the essence of the Earth, Leaves & Sand are made with natural fabrics, creating a sustainable 15 piece collection that is handcrafted with new techniques.  Each eco-friendly garment is made up fabrics such as denim, shibori and fine silks.  These fabrics have been manipulated with natural dyes or sundried to create subtle pattern prints and textures.  From dresses, to tops, to skirts, to jackets, Leaves & Sand caters to the unique minds that are careful to wear garments that are not only sustainable by nature, but sustain their thirst to let their individualistic personality shine through their apparel.